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I'm really enlightened to be here
(for fritjof capra)

I teach causes and
The autistic dimension of design in euro-science,
With a lot of stereotypes…

I also firmly believe that there should be no training in endangered
species' awareness of defective policies…

I feel this way because other members of the
Buy-a-sphere, have given rights to a new type of capitalism
Transforming america's imaginary umbra.

Question: Will there be an impact on human well wishing?

Answer: that's as very interesting, but common question…

My iconic wisdom has the answer, and it is this.

Green agriculture is a huge movement…
It's a science for untenable relief…

Speaking off the record, it is one of the ecumenical facts of life

So go ahead and chronicle and disgust these changes…

Did I mention that I'm very enlightened to be here?


somebody with an ass to grind

the spades of information
sit next to you like a soap on the couch
responsible for pliance-

locked but undressed,
and un-building for political situations
that would restate this competition-
before implying,
small emotion control devices,
with sight modifications-

it looks terribly simple,
but it will be cream,
you can't necessarily impasse,

this hole see-thru power thing-
how does this affect your hunting?


i'm not sure that transforms it in a positive weigh

self esteem, culture harvest and –

duration conversations you have outside of the glass

art people are tricky things

art people light a late search of this history
switch i can't do…

so build your home a local fool seminar workshop–
because understanding affects is where we're at.


a new sigh in equality

the gold of the global,
poverty, and democratic pleasure-
ill conceived by a technology
hyping electric cars,
with a science for attainable relief,
creating plenty and jobs
for the new spirit of corporation-

in the sway, the entire network generates itself.


You're in

the yell of
the public sector for,
more urine in the mission.

that's an old show on white ground.


Good morning America smiles at us

our manic of the mourning,
weed the crayons with their naves,
to help people mangle their relationship to mystery-

if you kind of crowd-source this idea,
newspapers become white bread,
corporate condensation,
whistle blow through tour systems-

and really well dressed guys will chop your office
pretending to be like animals…
and not the knife foundation…

Followed by episodes of violins,
Scratching like demonstrations,
speaking before egress…

four rural communities
wanted to have water in their chemicals
in time for fishing season.

it's tough to think and live these lives,
with a political axe in society's
billing systems, to fake our old people with robots-

in all cases the seam is wordless.


This is what really happened out in the ocean

Gasping through the sweat,
Our lips sold town to the city outside

A little wink to no response…

Ordinary white was thought up of
by blue printer faces…
(Watch how one can be two)

Speaking before congress with their coffee,
They pour it on a microphone

Do you hear the blues?
Or is it just an ordinary shift to nude by mistake?…

I hinder this facility and bury the witness
Of going yawn underneath someone

Becauses a few sick thank yous
Implore the booming tongue

With the notion of writing aloud
The actual sighs themselves…

It's like when the heat stumbles from the oven
And the rain pours over my echo